King Soopers

One of the best ways to raise funds to cover school fees including band fees is to use King Soopers cards.  Here is how it works:

  1. Purchase one or more $100 cards from Jana Moore at the Chaparral Finance office. 
  2. Use the card at King Soopers, Loaf and Jug, City Market (yes, even for gas!)
  3. Reload the card before you use it when it gets low or does not have enough for a purchase. You can do this right at King Soopers at the register. Simply produce the card prior to the cashier ringing up the groceries and tell them you would like to reload it.
  4. Pay with the card.
  5. Your student's account will get 4% of your purchase credited which can be used for band fees or other fees at Chaparral.